Who I Am…


When I was a little girl I dreamed of being an archaeologist and a photographer for National Geographic. I wanted to explore the world, learning everything there was to learn.

Life’s funny. I actually did become an archaeologist, (I still kinda have a crush on Indiana Jones) and I still subscribe to National Geographic. I still love to travel the world, and I like to believe that I help people.

My job is to make you look as amazing as the person you are on the inside. It is to make you look like the best version of yourself you can be. It is to offer you an experience that makes you smile…and laugh…and lets you be yourself.

My job is to make images that celebrate you and your story.

My name is Katrina. I am a global citizen, a mom, a wife, a teacher, AND a photographer and I’d love to share your story.

Have a beautiful day!

~ Katrina


I n s t a g r a m   F e e d